Talk about working fast.  Catie’s Closet, an organization that provides clothing to students living below the poverty line, needed to turn around a new website in just under three weeks.  They were finalists in MassChallenge, an annual global startup competition, and they knew that a compelling site would put them out in front when the final votes were cast.

Catie’s Closet had a strong mission and a great story, but they needed help telling it.  So, in conjunction with the team at WithTenacity, we got to work.  First, we needed to crisp up the messaging.  Then, we wrote the content to influence key audiences and demonstrate the organization’s impact on students, schools, and states.  We also created a new, modern site design that was graphically rich and easy to navigate.

The hard work paid off.  Catie’s Closet was one of four MassChallenge winners and received $100,000 for taking top honors in the Social Impact category.