VERC, a Massachusetts-based car rental agency, developed DamageID to help small companies succeed against well-financed competitors through the innovative use of technology.  VERC needed a simple way to show how DamageID uses smart phone technology to help agencies capture damage, defend claims, and sell more insurance coverage.

I worked with the talented creative team at ExtensionEngine to create a demo video that does just that.  Using a classic “day in the life” scenario, we tell the story of Wayne, the owner of a small car rental agency whose business is changed for the better once he starts using DamageID.

We made sure that the video works in two ways.  With the audio off, VERC uses it at tradeshows to tell a graphics-based version of Wayne’s story at their booth.  With the voice-over on, the video serves as a demo on the company’s corporate website.

The video has been a hit.  After its initial debut at the annual Car Rental Show, VERC had hundreds of requests for demos and received prime coverage in Auto Rental News.  As for Wayne*?  He’s become the company’s official mascot.

*Why Wayne?  Well, you know how you work backwards sometimes?  I knew that I had to create a protagonist for this video but I didn’t know what to call him.  When writing the script, I decided to end the video with the tagline, “Way to go.”  Way to go Tom?  Way to go Larry? Not cutting it.  I needed a little alliteration:  Way to go Wayne!  And the rest is history.