I’ve been working with the folks at Content That Moves on a new endeavor:  toolbox, a series of digital magazines.  toolbox collects and curates information for marketing and business development professionals.

At the moment, we have created several editions of toolbox that focus on internal communications, knowledge management, social media, and storytelling.

But the beauty of toolbox is that it can be used to create a digital magazine on any topic.  It can be private-labled for any company.  And it can accomodate your own posts and commentary alongside what you’ve curated.   Here’s how it works:

  • Say your company wants to reach an audience that’s interested in cloud computing.
  • You could create an edition of toolbox, call it Cloud 9 and add your company logo, and collect and curate information that’s of interest to your audience.
  • Then, you can add your commentary to that content — and include blog posts from your spokespeople, link to your company’s white papers, or promote the latest client videos on your site.

The result?  You’ve got a content-rich marketing vehicle, without having to create all the content from scratch. You’ve got the perfect tool for aligning your company to the “thought leadership” areas you want to be known for.  You’ve got a means to drive inbound marketing.  And you’ve found a way to continually create new content to fuel your content marketing strategies. Pretty nifty.

To explore toolbox in more depth, visit the toolbox site.